Feeling Betrayed

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Oh dear there he is again

Walking around in his birthday suit

And here I am again peering through the window with my remote on mute

But this time he has company

I can see her in some fishnet stockings and lacy black lingerie

Oh it isn’t my day today.

They’re kissing and it’s hot

Perfectly carved bodies

In their league I am not

So I peek like a peeking Tom

I wonder where she came from

So occupied with them both

I light up my smoke

They seem really into each other

Like it’s an affair

He caresses her chestnut hair

He draws her in

Undoes her bra

While they both look at themselves in the mirror

He touches her bare breast

You can probably figure out the rest

I just have to step away

She just ruined my day

I’ve been fantasizing over him

For as long as I can remember

About us making love

About him and me

 Looking at him from above

While I can feel him inside of me

Our nakedness exposed

Me grabbing him and the pillows

While I orgasm and our love grows;

My bubble has been burst

I’m in a world full of hurt

So I put out my smoke

And I flick on the switch

Of my plastic buzzing friend

And I start with my clit.

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