Femme Fatale

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The femme fatale or fatal girl

Charmed me then took me to hell

She clamped my scrotum

By using coercion

And left me there

Giving me an evil, seductive stare

I couldn’t untie the rope

This was made out of her long black hair

My scrotum started to choke

As she walked back in bearing a grin

I asked politely

She denied villainously

Until I agreed to follow through with this deed

Giving me no choice I said yes

So she took me off the hoist

I could see she was moist

So I banged her in

With swollen balls and not caring

She could see I wasn’t wavering

So the deed I did

Even though I love my wife and my kid

I fucked that femme fatale

Since she denied me my will

And that’s my dirty secret

To only you I will spill.

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